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Why this Directory.

After the Revolutionary War, Captain Philip Buckner was awarded a land-grant by the State of Virginia in reward for his service. After making his first visit to the area in 1781, Buckner returned fifteen years later with 40 other families to settle in the town he called Augusta (named, it is believed, in honor of his home in Augusta County, Virginia). At Buckner's request, a meeting was held to choose town trustees whereupon he deeded over to them the 600 acres on which the city is located. On October 7, 1797, the Kentucky Legislature issued the town its charter.

Over the years, our small town has also been home to several members of the Clooney family. American television journalist, anchorman, game show and American Movie Classics (AMC) host, Nick Clooney and his wife, Nina, are proud to call Augusta 'home.' Their son, George Clooney, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, is a proud graduate of Augusta High School. Augusta is also the former home of Kentucky's own "Girl Singer" and star of multiple films, including the holiday classic, White Christmas, Rosemary Clooney. Her home at 106 Riverside Drive has been converted to the Rosemary Clooney Museum, which is dedicated to preserving her legacy through its collection of memorabilia and artifacts related to Rosemary's life and career.

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Augusta Kentucky


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